Things to Consider when Choosing Dog Treats


Dog treats can be given to your dog in order to train them, bond with them or reward them for good behavior. In the past, the milk bone was the only popular dog treat. However, the industry has grown and there are now a variety of dog treats to choose from. When selecting dog treats, it is important that you select healthy ones that have the right nutrients. Treats that contain whole grains such as brown rice are best for your dog. Your treats should also include proteins and you can choose either beef or chicken meat.

Giving healthy treats to your dog will boost their immunity thus making your pet resistant to diseases. You will in turn reduce the chances of visiting the vet every now and then thus saving on health costs. You should always check on the calorie content in your dog treats. Feeding your dog on treats that have high calories will lead to weight problems. The texture for your dog treat is also important. Treats that have a hard texture are best since they will improve blood circulation in the mouth as dogs chew them thus reducing dental problems – get treat at this site.

However, soft dog treats are best for older dogs since they might have weaker teeth than their young counterparts. If you would love to avoid meat in your dog treats, you can always go for fish, peanut butter or vegetable treats. Ensure that the dog treat you select is free of any chemicals, artificial flavorings as well as preservatives. Natural dog treats are healthy for your pet since they contain the right nutrients such as vitamins and proteins. For vegetable and fruit treats, ensure that you go for ones that are fresh as they are likely to have more vitamins.

If you are giving dog treats to your pet for training purposes, it is important that you include treats that have fats and proteins. Your dog will burn more calories during practice and these treats will give them the necessary energy required for training. The best treats to give to your pet while travelling are bones and rawhide chews. These treats will keep your pet busy while you are away as well as improve their overall dental health. If your dog has any allergies, it is important that you read through the labels of dog treats so as not to purchase some that will react with their bodies. Always ensure that you go for treats that are not only healthy but also fun for your dog. Visit the Betsy Farms near you.

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